Building new cancer therapies atom by atom.

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Nanobiotix is a late-stage clinical biotechnology company that is pioneering the discovery, development, manufacture, and commercialization of physics-based nanotherapeutics. We aim to create products that will transform outcomes for millions of people fighting cancer worldwide.

Our lead candidate NBTXR3 is a potential first-in-class radioenhancer with therapeutic applications across a range of solid tumors. NBTXR3 is designed to increase the dose of radiotherapy that is absorbed and deposited into tumor cells without increasing the dose in surrounding healthy tissues, thereby destroying the target tumor and priming the immune response attack on metastatic tumors.



We believe that NBTXR3 offers broad potential to help patients fight cancer. Our initial focus on head and neck cancer aims to help a vulnerable patient population with limited treatment options and provide the clinical foundation for expansion across indications and therapeutic combinations.

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We pride ourselves in collaborating with institutions that share our vision of developing safer, more effective therapies for people with cancer and other challenging diseases.


Our physics-based approach has the potential to overcome many of the challenges associated with traditional cancer therapy and may lead to better patient outcomes. Learn more about our clinical trials, access resources, and find advocacy partners.

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