Margaret Galluzzi

Margaret Galluzzi

Vice President, Global Head of Clinical Operations

Margaret “Peggy” Galluzzi is the Vice President, Global Head of Clinical Operations, at Nanobiotix. Peggy’s career has spanned several positions in the health care field, from hospital practice to large pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As a Master’s Prepared Nurse, she had roles in hemodialysis, infection control, and management of critical care units.
Peggy took the opportunity to change her career when she and her family relocated. She began working in the pharmaceutical industry at Roche, based in Lingolsheim, France, continued working at Roche in the US, and then moved to Sanofi prior to holding positions at 3 US biotechnology companies. In these companies, Peggy held leadership positions in clinical development operations, helping to bring new drugs through the regulatory approval process, while building and developing the department and its staff. Her career has been fueled by her desire to help people, whether it be patients, their families, or professional colleagues and staff.

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